Beware of What Lurks Below!

Beware of What Lurks Below!

Do you know what is lurking below? 


Originally published July 3, 2013

Last 4th of July I awoke with my eyes swollen shut and my face and right arm covered in a gross rash. I had done some work in my yard, so I was obviously having some kind of allergic reaction. 

Being that it was a holiday, I went to the CVS Minute Clinic where the doctor said she thought it was poison ivy.  I explained that was impossible.  Having had poison ivy before, I knew I wasn’t near any.  I hadn’t been on the path and I was certain there wasn’t any in my small yard.  I was adamant that it wasn’t poison ivy.  (Plus, I was pre-med for my first 2-years in college, so, of course, I was right!) 

The doctor gave me steroids (with a warning that I might experience extreme aggravation). I missed all of the 4th of July festivities as I didn’t want to leave the house and scare anyone, not to mention it itched so badly.  I was not a happy camper.  (And I hadn’t been camping!) 

A few days later, I was showing my mother the plant I had been trimming before my rash began.  A plant I had trimmed every summer for 18 years.  As she looked inside, there it was…the dreaded leaves of three.  It was growing under and up through my deck, and up through the bush.  I did, in fact, have poison ivy.


Why am I sharing this story and why should you care?  Well, 1) I wouldn’t wish the contraction of poison ivy on my worst enemy, so please take a look at this picture and avoid it at all costs, (it turns red later in the season) and, 2) we all have some sort of icky substance below the surface that’s keeping us from creating the most amazing life we want.  Call it whatever you want…negative self-talk, baggage, inner voices… doesn’t matter what you call it, it only matters if it’s holding you back. 

Many of us use these voices to our advantage, motivating us to be better.  However, more often than not, these voices, that may have served us in the past, are no longer serving us.  “Don’t speak up in the meeting, you don’t want to sound stupid.”  “Run a 5K? You?  You’ll die of a heart attack!”  “You will never get that job you really want, get out of debt, find the partner of your dreams, etc….”  On and on it goes. 

Let us help you navigate around those voices and guide you on how to re-train them for good instead of evil.  What is it you really want and what’s keeping you from getting there?  A promotion?  A more effective team?  Less stress?  A more fulfilled life? 

Whatever it is you want, or if you are at a crossroads where you’re not even sure of what you want, let’s talk and see if coaching is right for you.  Of course, you may be able to get where you want to go on your own, but what I can assure you is that you can get there faster working with a coach. 

Let’s move you from a functional life to an optimal one! Contact us today! 

Happy 4th of July!  Stay out of the weeds! 

Here’s to discovering your bliss! 


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