Tired of Being Tired? Stop the Madness!

Tired of Being Tired - Stop the Madness!
Originally published May 1, 2013


Happy May Day!  Although weather has been crazy all over the country, including huge snow falls, flooding, heat waves and daily 20 degree temperature fluctuations, there are signs indicating that spring is here.  My favorite, the crocus peeking it’s head out when we’re still wearing winter coats. 

Yes, the earth is reawakening.  It seems this is when we reawaken too, coming out of hibernation…at least in the Midwest…working in the yard, washing the car, taking a walk. 

As we begin to remove our layers, our thoughts turn to summer.  This summer is going to be different,” we tell ourselves.  “I’m going to bike ride, take the kids to the beach, head to outdoor concerts, work on my golf stroke, nap in the hammock.”  Unfortunately, the next thing we know, it’s Labor Day, and we’re asking, “Where did the summer go?”  How many summers has it been that you’ve been too harried to fully embrace some fun?

I get it.  There’s work to be done.  You’re already putting in extra hours and working weekends.  You’re swamped, overwhelmed, exhausted.  Your smart phone is permanently connected to you and you’re never more than a minute away from checking your email.  It’s just the new way of life.  Or is it?

What would it feel like to leave work at a reasonable hour?  What would you plan if you were able to make time for that family vacation?  What would you do if you had time for fun on the weekends?  How would it feel to come into work on Monday saying…”I had the most amazing/relaxing/exciting/fun weekend! And what would it be like on Friday night and say, “I had the most incredible week at work!”

This IS possible! We at Inspire Bliss work with our clients to adjust thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, to break through barriers that might be holding you back from your greatest potential.  We help you discover how to work more proactively, productively and effectively…allowing for that ever-eluding ‘work/life balance.’  But it begins with you.


When you are ready to stop the madness of reacting to your life and want to begin living it, contact us.  We can help you re-gain control!


Here’s to discovering your bliss!



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