Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions!

(Originally posted 1/15/14)

I Ain’t Kidding!

Here we are!  Two weeks into the New Year, 2014.  Personally, I can’t believe it, but I’m certainly excited about it.  We’re ready for it.  Some of us even waited until now to begin or quit something.  We certainly couldn’t have begun to lose weight or stopped smoking during the holidays.  We were too stressed out, busy, and distracted with family and holiday obligations.

So, again, here we are.  Fired up about a possible new beginning.  We’re gonna make some big changes and it’s gonna be awesome.  We’re open to the possibilities…or are we?

Each year, millions of us make resolutions.  And each year, only about 8% of us actually keep them.  (Forbes) Why?  We’re accomplished individuals.  Why is it so hard for us?

Oftentimes, we ‘make’ our resolutions out of habit.  This year, you’re going to be more organized, lose weight, eat well, change jobs, have more balance.   And, in actuality, most of us have had these same resolutions every single year throughout our adult life.  (sound familiar?) And by February, we’ve already fallen off the resolution wagon.  And quite frankly, so what!  Last year was fine, you don’t need to change anything.  This is your life so you can just continue to deal with it.  Change is too hard.

How would  you feel if you thought it was okay to intentionally fall off the resolution wagon?  Well, my New Year’s gift to you…the

Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Your New Years Resolutions!

5.    You’re already anxious about failing…again!

It’s too much pressure.  There’s enough pressure in your life and now you’ve intentionally added more.  And it’s winter, tons of snow and cold (for most of us!), so you might as well give up now, cause you just shoveled for 3 hours…you deserve to eat the leftover Christmas cookies.

4.    Cause it’s the same one you’ve had for 10 years!

Yep, habit.  Did  you know that 80% of our behavior is habit?  Of course, you would think you’re supposed to (fill in your resolution here), so every January 1st, you put it on your list.  But why?  If it’s made the list for over a decade and you haven’t had success, what’s going to be different this time?  You just go with the same ole same ole.  You want to work out more…and by January 15th, you’re back to being the best coach potato you can be!  You’ve made it through the last decade returning to old behaviors, so why even really try.

 3.   You have no Support and Accountability

You could have the best of intentions to meet your New Years goals, but it’s important to have a support group. If your goal is to stop eating fast food and your spouse comes home every night with a huge bag of Big Mac’s and Fries, it makes sticking to your goals much more difficult.  At the same time, maybe you didn’t even share your goal with your spouse, cause then he or she might hold you accountable.  Damn straight!  You are WAY more likely to stick to it, if you have an accountability partner and if those closest to you know your goal so they can also support you!  You want to keep you office organized?  Tell a co-worker to stop in your office every Friday at 4pm to keep you on track!  Sure, it’s scary to say out loud, I want to XYZ this year, because then if you fail, they will know about it.  But having someone in your corner will boost your success rate.

2.    It’s unclear

Resolutions are often too broad.  I am going to eat healthy!  But as soon as you eat one cookie, or perhaps one entire package of cookies, you have now failed.  Be as specific as you can.  I will eat fish 3 times a week.  I choose to go to the gym 2 times a week.  Don’t set going to the gym 5 times a week when you haven’t been there in 10 years.  It’s unrealistic and you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The more clear the better…I will organize one closet per quarter,  I will take 2 professional development courses to learn new skills to help move me toward my promotion.  Be specific and make it reasonable.  (Yes, set S.M.A.R.T. Goals!)

1.    You don’t really want it

Perhaps it’s your significant other that wants you to stop smoking or start working out, but deep down, you don’t really want to.  We often take on someone else’s resolution as our own, but we have no buy-in.  Therefore, it’s extremely unlikely we will accomplish it.

Want to get deeper into the why you should ditch your resolutions and also how to set and achieve new goals?  Tune in as fellow master coach and trainer, Barb Heenan, joins me for our new radio show, HOLY SHIFT! TM.  Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday at 1pm CST on International Life Coach Radio.  Next week we’ll shed light on the Uh-Oh, Ahhh, Sshhhh, Meh and Ugh Factors that are keeping you from achieving your goals!!!  We’d love to hear about your craziest resolutions!  Call-in at 347-637-1960, there may be prizes!

So…what do YOU really want and what are willing to change to get it?

Here’s to discovering your bliss in 2014!

Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP

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