Move Over! Get Out of My Way! Step Aside!

Move Over! Get Out of My Way! Step Aside!
Move Over! Get Out of My Way! Step Aside!
Sure…this might be what you hear if you were in the car with me driving!  Perhaps you hear your own voice saying these words to the people around you.  But, if you’re not achieving what you want out of life, then it’s time to look in the mirror when you say these words. 
One thing that the Spice Girls did really well?  They asked…”Tell me what you want, what you really really want! I’ll tell you what I want what I really, really want!”  (You’re singing it!)
Once you know what you really, really want…then it’s time to move over and get out of your OWN way!  You are the only person, place or thing holding you back.  Just you…not your boss, or spouse, or looks, or weight, or money, or car you drive, or co-workers, or teammates, or the fact you don’t have a partner in your life. Yep, it’s just you!  And I get it…that is one big, dry, hairy horse pill to swallow!
Let’s think about this for just a second…How do you know you’re in your own way and how do you step aside?
Great questions! Let’s break it down.
Once you identify what it is that you want that seems to be alluding you, then you usually begin to make a list of the blocks you perceive as getting in your way.  But that’s the list of all those things outside of yourself.  For instance, you may want a new job.  We can go into the resume updating, researching, etc.  But truly, we must first look at the ‘why.’  Why do you want a new job?  Because you hate your boss,  the actual work, they aren’t paying you what you believe you are worth?  Now, taking away all the ‘outside’ factors, why do you REALLY want a new job? We want to clearly identify why you’re not satisfied, and quite frankly…it may NOT be your job at all.
This is where you can ask yourself, what do you want…really?  Not what do you think you should want. Not what do others want from you.  What is aligned with your core values?  These questions often take people a while to understand and come to any conclusion. Why? Because we aren’t usually asked, ‘what do we want? Really?
We are masters at excuses.  I can’t afford it.  My boss doesn’t like me. It’s not the right time.  I often hear people say, ‘I know what I should do, but I’m not doing it.’  Well, our lack of motivation is telling us something.  It might be that you don’t really want it.  It also usually stems from some sort of fear.  It’s easier to complain about it, (or perhaps you are not even complaining…you are just coping because things are ‘okay’ as they are), than to take action and possibly fail.  What if we took the failure piece out of it?  If you let go of the possibility of failing, caring what others thought and the worry of looking stupid, then what would you want?
If you let go of the possibility of failing, caring what others thought and the worry of looking stupid, then what is holding you back from going for what you want? 
I want to reiterate once again, this isn’t necessarily a quick process.  Our excuses can be pretty well embedded into who we are.  But know this for sure.  The only person getting in your way of achieving any and all of your goals is you.  This is the power of coaching.  If you are not living your life full out, with purpose and passion and joy and fun, then think about hiring a coach to help you get there.  I’m not implying you can’t get there yourself, but I can tell you, with 100% certainty, that you’ll get there faster with someone with the tools to allow you to explore what you feel might be missing in your life, or if you love your life and what to kick it up even more.
Today, I simply want to challenge you to take a look at what you believe is getting in your way and open your mind to the possibility that it could be you.  Let me know what you find out! 
Here’s to your bliss while getting out of your own way!
Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
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