Where the Hell is my EASY Button?

Where the Hell is my EASY Button
  Originally Posted May 23, 2014
Where’s My Easy Button?
Does it even exist in real life?
Why does it seem that some people go through life as if it’s easy, while others seem to be perpetually swimming upstream?  We often go outside of ourselves for this answer.  It’s usually someone else’s fault: I can’t get promoted because my boss doesn’t like me; I can’t take a day off work because I own my own business; I can’t lose weight because my spouse keeps bringing home fast food….
How would it feel if you could just hit the easy button? 
The first step to ‘easy’ is taking responsibility that your circumstances are created by you and you alone.  This is usually where people start yelling at me.  “What? Are you crazy?  I didn’t get us into that debt…that was my husband!”  or, ‘How dare you say that because my boss is an idiot, it’s my fault?”  Well, I am.  But before you swing a punch at me, let me explain.
We create our own reality.  Period. It’s true.  Even through things that we seemingly didn’t have a hand in.  I’m not even going to try to convince you here.  I’m going to challenge you, instead.  Think of it this way, you have nothing to loose and only ‘easy’ to gain!
Whether or not you’re willing to take responsibility for everything in your life (good and bad), yet…here are some additional strategies:
1) Watch Your Mouth!!
What we say makes up our reality.  So, if you keep saying you’re tired, you’re going to be tired. If you keep saying you’re not ever going to get promoted, you’re never going to get promoted.  If you say you’re too old to find love…you know the answer! Really, watch what you say.  It has a self-fulfilling prophecy effect.  If you wake up tired, yell out, “I feel great!” And keep telling yourself that all day long.    If you’re passed up for the promotion today, say aloud, “there’s something better for me!” You don’t have to believe it…yet.  Just keep saying it!  And when the water cooler chatter becomes a crab session…walk away.  As you begin to change your words, make them as empowering as possible.  Using the words, have to and nee d to, have a very defeating energy around them.  But when we want to and choose to do something, there is just more power around it.  This also works with words you say to others.  Become aware of what you say to your family, friends, team at work, etc.  Again, I can’t convince you here, try it!! (By the way…try is also a word that allows us not to do something.  So, don’t try it…DO it!
Step 1 – Choose your empowering words wisely!
2) Re-Train Your Brain!!
This is actually where it all begins.  We think it, then we say it.  When you think, “this project is going to be hard,” it’s going to be hard, for the same reasons above. Begin to re-train your brain, and understand that this is a process to be practiced.  It doesn’t happen overnight, so be kind to yourself.  When the limiting thought comes into your head, just nicely ask it to leave and replace it with an un-limiting thought. “I’m never going to get out of this debt. It’s impossible!” Hmmm, well, that’s not the thought you want.  How about, “I live in a world of abundance.”  You don’t have to know the how this is going happen. Just begin changing the thought around it.  Like energy attracts l ike energy, so if you’re thinking about your debt, more debt will come!  It’s physics, baby!!
Step 2 – Re-Frame Your Thoughts!!
3)  Feel It!
This is more than just positive thinking.  Really feel your outcome.  For example…having debt might make you feel anxious and worried (unable to pay bills), embarrassed and stupid (how could I have let this happen), even unworthy to be allowed to get out of the debt.  Ask yourself, ‘How will it feel when I am in the black again?’  Hopeful, accomplished, joyful, happy, strong, peaceful, at ease, etc.  Begin to embrace these feelings as if it’s already happened.  And once again, you can tell me I’m crazy, that doesn’t matter.  Just try do it and make it a new behavior.  But, if deep down you truly don’t believe, then it ain’t gonna happen.
Step 3 – Feel the difference!!
4)  Become your New Reality
You’re thinking it, saying at, and feeling it.  Now BE it!  This doesn’t mean, “Hey, I live in a world of abundance so I’m going to go out and spend a ton of money that I don’t have because Lesley told me to become my new reality!” But it does mean you are no longer living in fear of lack. Your attitude has shifted. You’re given a new project at work where you used think and say, ‘oh great…this is going to be impossible.’  And every second of it was hard.  Now, you’re excited for the opportunity and you know it will be ‘easy,’ and maybe even fun!  
Step 4 – Believe it to be easy, it’ll be easy!   
Yes, this may sound too simple to be true.  Hmmm, too easy?  Again, I’m not suggesting this can be done overnight (then again, I’m not saying it can’t!). It is a process.  You are building up new muscles and there are days you are going to want to quit.  However, the only person with the power to teach you how to float with life’s currents, instead of swimming upstream, is you! 
Here’s to your easy bliss!!
Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
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