Originally posted March 31, 2015

It’s Simple…Just Say, YES!!
When was the last time you did something for the first time?  This is my favorite quote from Seth Godin and  something I often remind myself.  My personal goal is to try something for the first time at least once a month. So…when was the last time YOU did something for the first time? 
Now that it’s finally spring, let’s stretch out of our comfort zone, leave the status quo behind and try something new!  What have you got to lose?
How many of you are now saying to yourself, ‘this sounds like too much effort.  I’m not creative enough to figure out what I should be trying.‘ 
Here’s one way to get started and you barely have to do anything!  Start by saying, ‘YES!’  It sounds so simple, but for many of us, it isn’t easy.
A friend invites you to a mosaic class.  A Groupon comes in your email to try hot boxing.  A meetup group is going on a hike? Your significant other wants to try Ethiopian food.  Are you saying yes or are you, like so many of us, a master of excuses? 
We can be very comfy cozy in that zone of ‘usual’ and that’s why it is so easy for us to come up with a million and one excuses NOT to try something new. 
  • I’ll look stupid in a dance class.
  • I’m too old to get on a segway.
  • I’m too out of shape to do aerial yoga.
  • I have no artistic talent to take a painting class.
  • I’m too scared to go to that networking event alone.
  • I have too much work to take a 4-day retreat.
  • I’m not strong enough to take a bar class.
  • I can’t go to (fill in the blank) cause of the dog.
Truth be told, these were all MY own excuses…until they weren’t!  And when I finally said, ‘yes,’ I had two tons of fun in tap dance class; the segway tour was a blast; aerial yoga was surprisingly easy; and although I am no Picasso, I really enjoyed a painting class! I’m now on the speaking docket for two new networking events I attended; the 4-day retreat was one of my 2014 highlights; and I’m addicted to my Bar Method class and haven’t been this strong in 20 years!
I would not have had these new and wonderful experiences if I hadn’t said, ‘yes.’  And I am truly unable to come up with any circumstances where saying, ‘yes’ had an adverse effect.
(To the left is the picture I painted last weekend!)
Say yes to meeting someone new.  Say yes to trying a new restaurant.  Say yes to taking on a new work project.  Say yes to checking out a new museum, or art gallery or live show.  Say yes to donating to a cause or volunteering your time.  Say yes to a new vegetable.  Say yes to wearing a new color.  Just say yes!
(Now, don’t go jumping out of a plane and die and sue me, unless you really want to jump out of a plane!)
Saying ‘yes’ will quickly begin to move you out of that comfort zone.  And out of that comfort zone is where the magic happens!!  Come on…what have you got to lose?  Well, maybe your ‘usual.’
So, that’s it. Short and sweet.  This 1 little word can have an enormous impact on your life. Say ‘yes’ and see where it takes you.
Here’s to your blissful yes!
Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
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