What Seeds are You Planting?

What Seeds are You Planting

Originally posted April 28, 2015

What seeds are you planting?
Each year it amazes me how one day the trees are bare and the ground is deserted.  Then, there it is…Spring.  Suddenly, little buds give way to a flower. And, as if overnight, trees burst with color and fragrance.  From the ground pops daffodils and tulips, right on cue, as if commanded by a director for their grand entrance.  Some plants you expect, seeing them every year, it’s like an old friend visiting. And then there are surprises.  You think, ‘wait, I didn’t plant that.’ But there it is…it could be a beautiful flower, perhaps planted with the help of a bird or animal dropping a seed.  Or it could be just another weed that will mock you all season, continuing to rise from the ground, as if it had a super power, much to your chagrin.  
I find that so much of nature is a metaphor for life. And in the spring, in particular, I’m fascinated by what begins to bloom…not just in my garden, but in my life.
All year we are planting seeds.  Some purposefully, others unknowingly.  We spend much of the time unconscious of what we are planting.  Then, there it is…either the wonderful bloom in the form of something we want in our lives…a new relationship, job opportunity, abundance of some kind; or in the form of something we certainly do NOT want…more stress, debt, another unhealthy relationship, illness, an uninspired job.    
So, I ask to you…what are you planting? 
Be aware of those seeds you are inadvertently planting.  We actually have that power to choose what we plant and here are 2 simple ways to get you started:
1) Watch your thoughts
When we spend time thinking about what we don’t want, we create more of it.  Crazy, right?  If you want less debt, stop thinking about the debt.  Think about living in abundance and that is the seed you will be planting.  If you think about being alone because you can’t meet someone, begin to think that someone is out there waiting to adore you.  If you hate you job, stop thinking about it.  Think about what you want!!
Sure it may sound ridiculous, but what have you got to lose?  Try it.  And tell me how it goes.  Our thoughts are creating our reality. If your reality isn’t what you want it to be, what are you thinking about?
Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words.

Watch Your Words, They Become Actions.

Watch Your Actions, They Become Habits. 

Watch Your Habits,

They Become Your Character. 

Watch Your Character,

It Becomes Your Destiny.
2)  Watch your words
Your words are simply your thoughts with more energy behind them, so begin to take notice.  If you are saying you will never get out of your debt, you never will.  If you say you are a flake, you will be sending that message to yourself and experiencing more flaky behavior.    If you tell yourself you will never find another job, I think you already know the answer!  If you continually say you are sick, tired, lonely, stupid, etc., that’s what you’re planting!!
That’s it.  Watch your thoughts and your words and begin to choose differently.  That is the only thing you can control.  I can’t tell you enough the power behind this.  Your life can look very different by summer if you begin to start planting now.  So, what are you going to plant?
As you look for opportunities to learn to ‘plant’ differently, I’m calling all women to join me at Beauty, Brains and Brawn, a networking and learning event where we will discuss how to spring clean your mind, body, soul and finances!!  And for men and women, I will be hosting a 2-part workshop, Uncovering Your Bliss, in June at Tumbledown Farm.  Please see the information to the right and click there to register!
Here’s to your blissful and bountiful seeding of all that you desire!  Happy planting!
Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
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