Uh Oh, Review Time!

Uh Oh, Review Time!
Originally Published, Dec 29, 2015

Uh Oh, Review Time
Here we are…December 29th, 2015. How does that happen? 
This time of year is extremely busy, for loads of reasons. Many of us spend more time with family and friends. Many prepare for holiday celebrations.  Many take vacation from work and are wrapping things up at the office.
Because December 31st marks the end of the calendar year, it’s normal to have mixed feelings of sadness that another year has passed, (or gratefulness that the year is ending if you have been struggling) as well as hopefulness for a new year to begin.

With 2016 only 3 days away, it’s time for YOUR year-end life review!

What is a end of year life review?  Many of us know this concept from work. We take a look at our yearly goals to see where we have not met, met, and/or exceeded what we laid out for ourselves (or that our boss laid out for us!).  But who does an end of year life review for our own personal and professional goals?  Those who want to move purposefully with clarity into the new year!

This does require a little time and thought.  If you don’t have personal goals from 2015 written down, no worries. Most of us live off of our calendars, so go back to January to look at all you have accomplished this past year.  We spend so much time looking forward…what’s next…what’s the next goal…what do I do now? Until we turn around and look back, we don’t realize how far we’ve come.

So how do we do this year-end review?

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself:

(Categories to help you reflect…health & wellness, personal development, finances, career, social and intimate relationships, family/parenting, spirituality, and fun & enjoyment.)

1.  What went well?

Truly, what went well for you this year? Perhaps you made more time for family and friends? Maybe you took a vacation? You may have taken a new class for fun.
2.    What would you like to do better?
You may have had some goals you didn’t fully accomplish.  What were they? What was getting in your way…time? Money? Setting boundaries?
3.    Where do you perceive failure?
You all know I very much dislike the word failure! But, where do you think and feel you fell short? Didn’t work out as much as you wanted? Didn’t clean out the garage for the whole year?
4.    What did you learn from these perceived failures?
Take an extra moment here. What did you learn? Maybe taking time for a new relationship kept you from the gym? What can you learn about your priorities, boundaries, setting up new expectations for the new year? Working out together?
5.    What goals did you reach where you didn’t find satisfaction?
This might be because it’s not what you really want? (It could also have been someone else’s goal set for you.) Your values may have changed over time. This might be the time to re-evaluate your values through a values assessment. Maybe the goal for you was a ‘should.’ I should want this, but you really didn’t want it.
6.  What goals did you reach but have not yet celebrated?
After I spent September traveling Italy, I barely even shared my pictures. I simply hit the ground running upon my return.  It was big deal emotionally, financially, psychologically and spiritually for me to take this trip.  I found I never really celebrated this achievement.
7.    What are you currently still tolerating?
Perhaps you haven’t been feeling 100% but haven’t taken the time to see a health specialist? Maybe you’ve been saying you will clean your office for the last 12 months and it still hasn’t happened.  What relationships are you still tolerating? It doesn’t have to be where you walk away from them, although it could be. It might be setting new boundaries for yourself. What are you tolerating at work, home, about yourself?
8.    What have you learned about yourself over the last year?
Maybe you learned to open your heart to love again. You may have learned that you really step up when pushed out of your comfort zone. It might be you learned you’re not having enough fun. You may have had an awakening that you no longer want to be in your current profession.
9.    What would you like to let go?
How would it feel to let go of resentment? You don’t have to forget, but how would your energy shift if you forgave?  What extra burdens have you been taking on that you want to release? Maybe you want to release extra weight physically, emotionally? What fears or old beliefs would you like to release?
10.    How would you like to celebrate all that you did accomplish?
Doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe it’s getting a message? Going to lunch with friends? Giving yourself time to read a new book.
It’s important for us to take the time to stop and take note. We usually just keep moving forward, so we don’t take the proper time to check in with ourselves and with our life.  If we don’t know where we are going, any path will take us there. If you want to create a more purposeful and powerful 2016, this review will set that foundation and help set you up for true success.
When we take the time to get in touch with ourselves and ask and answer the above questions, only then can we really choose consciously to move forward into the new year. Having clarity of what it is we want more of, what it is we want less of, where it is that we actually WANT to go or want to achieve, and understanding and truly knowing WHO we want to BE, then we can truly manifest a new year that will be off the charts!
After you’ve completed your year-end review, feel free to listen to our December 21st HOLY SHIFT! show for tips on purposefully moving forward into 2016!
I hope you had a lovely holiday season.  Here’s to your most inspired and blissful new year!
Lesley Picchietti, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP
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