Outgrown Vision

End of An Era!!

In 2010, I embarked on a year-long journey when I enrolled at iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), an intense certified coaching program. That first 30-hour weekend module, I barely uttered a word. I was nervous and overwhelmed at the amount of content we were learning and I was so grateful to be in a space for my own personal growth and development. Plus, I was enamored by the dazzling, hilarious and ‘real’ trainer at the front of the room…Barb Heenan. The entire training team was extremely supportive as I cried through the all three modules.  I can still hear Raechel’s voice…Are you crying…again?  I didn’t feel judged. My tears were of anxiety, joy, gratitude and possibility. 

I came home after that first weekend, completely physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Yet, one thing was clear…I wanted to do THAT! Support people on their own journey as the training team did for me. And on my vision board I placed a picture of the training team with a cut out picture of me!

The 2010 Chicago iPEC training team: volunteer Cheri Neal, Lead Trainer Barb Heenan, Associate Trainer Raechel Anderson Dressler, volunteer Amelia Gandomi Lewis. And yes, my picture on the end…in my shades




Fast forward to my module 3, Barb pulled me aside and asked if I had any interest in becoming an iPEC trainer. My reaction…not surprising…I burst into tears. How could this person see me in this role when I was such a hot mess and still struggling with learning how to coach?!

And so it began. She was watering the seed I had planted.

I became a volunteer, an Associate Trainer, and then had the honor of having these incredibly skilled coaches and trainers support me on my road to Lead Trainer. Certainly not always easy…LOTS of self-growth and learning, fear and doubt, and perhaps a few more tears! AND, it was the absolute most effective and empowering bootcamp I have ever attended! Barb and Raechel (and Cheri Neal, Megan Walls and Steven Reeder) I am who and where I am because of YOU! I am forever grateful!

I have been living my vision for over a decade, with 8 years as an iPEC Lead Trainer. Although only a small portion of my overall business, the iPEC classroom has been a sacred space for me. Learning and growing with every class, meeting the most incredible humans along the way, sharing in their journeys and making deep connections.

My values of fun and connection were aligned for a long time, so no one was more surprised than me when I came to the realization that I had outgrown my vision. Is that even a thing?

Yes, it most certainly is!! It took me some time to sit with that concept…because I LOVED being in that classroom. Down to my core!!

From the thousands of students and training hours, to webinars, teleclasses, and PSIGs (who remembers these!!). So many laughs, tears, breakthroughs, breakdowns, and ‘Superstars!’

So how do you walk away from something you love? 

You create your next vision that is even more aligned. That’s How!!

Buzz word alert!! Aligned. What does that even mean and how do we do that? 

First, we identify what is really important to us and why?

Next, we can ask ourselves:

  • Of those things important to you, how much of your energy is enhanced and how much of your energy is drained?
  • To what level are your values being honored?  (as with most things in my life, I say I’ll do something until it stops being fun!)
  • What is causing your internal dissonance, (frustration, worry, doubt, etc.) dig deep into what’s going on for you so you can make a conscious choice, not one out of fear, frustration or nervousness. (This is where having a coach is super helpful!)
  • What do you want…really? And how is what you are currently doing supporting what you REALLY want?
  • If your energy wasn’t being drained, to where/what/who would you like to focus that energy?

Now we have some clarity to make decisions and plans. So here I am! Creating my next vision. Super excited for new possibilities while sending love to what I leave behind.  And what does my new vision entail…all things that Dig Deep and Get Real! From corporate trainings to keynotes to individual clients to folks who want to take their coaching/communication to the next ‘deeper’ level.  More to come!

In the same supportive fashion as in the beginning of my journey, on Sunday 3/6/22 at 7:05 pm CT, after logging off of my final iPEC training, I logged onto another call with these incredible friends, to celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of the next, in a most beautiful way.

I am forever grateful for all those who have impacted my life on such a deep and real level during my iPEC tenure. To all those whom I have had the pleasure of crossing paths including every single student, THANK YOU for being such a big part of my journey!

When was the last time you checked in on YOUR vision?


Happy Spring!!


Lesley Picchietti, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS

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