3rd Stream Leadership

Experiential Leadership Development
with Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.”

Charles Mingus


Today’s business leaders face unprecedented challenges in the face of accelerating complexity, change and multiple generations in the workforce. Truly effective leadership is now characterized by creativity and inspiration balanced with operational efficiency. Developing these competencies requires a “whole brain” approach engaging the sensing, intuitive, emotional right brain with the logical and rational left brain. Collective Creativity offers a fresh experience of what great new leadership looks, sounds and feels like engaging participants kinesthetically.


New Leadership Imperative

In its 2010 study of 1500 CEOs, IBM learned that “creativity is the most important leadership competency for companies making their way through the accelerating complexity of the current environment.” CEOs saw the need for leaders to create cultures inspired by vision and built on trust and authenticity in order to generate innovation that harnesses the power of diverse perspectives. This is especially challenging where the remnants of command and control ”heads-­down, impress-‐the-­boss, stay safe” ways of working, thinking, and behaving in grained at all levels.

Re-imagining Leadership Through a New Lens

In a different world – that of performing arts and arts education – Orbert Davis demonstrates an alternative. His Chicago Jazz Philharmonic is redefining music genres by bringing together classical music structure, precision and consistency with jazz improvisation and swing. This requires masterful collaborative leadership that deeply leverages diversity. Orbert’s leadership blends the scoring, instrumentation, and technical precision of European-rooted classical music with the African American rooted jazz culture of improvisation, individual expression, and swing. With  flawless execution.

By observing the musicians as they rehearse and perform, participants hear, see, feel, and experience new leadership live and in real time. Via dialogue with Orbert and the musicians, participants hear about the leader’s and team member’s thinking and intentions. In facilitated conversations with each other, participants translate their insights and observations into renewed relationships and inspired collaborative action.