Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for my company/team?

We are all a part of a team in one form or another…management team, sales team, executive team, special project team, even our families are a team.  A team is still made up of individuals, each with their own attitude and belief system. Inspire Bliss works with your team as a whole, and also at the individual level. That’s what makes us different from many other training and development companies is that we use the Core Energy Coaching™ process to work with clients from the inside out. These internal changes then spill out to enhance the teams effectiveness and efficiency, which ultimately benefits the organizations bottom line.

Tell me more about the Assessment." 

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is a true game changer. Helping people understand and become aware of their energy levels allows them to take a deeper look at how they lead themselves and others. (Are you creating a life for yourself or at the effect of others and situations around you?) Combined with one-on-one coaching, we provide tools to create sustainable, positive and productive changes. This can be done in an individual form or as a 360.

There are a lot of 'coaches' out there. What makes you different?"

You are right about that, there are a lot of coaches out there and not all coaching is created equal! Inspire Bliss coaches are trained through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an intensive certification program. Our coaches are all Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioners (ELI-MP) – an additional certification in our attitudinal assessment program (also through iPEC), as well as accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Initials aside, Inspire Bliss coaches simply want to support organizations to work more efficiently and individuals to create a more engaging, effective and inspiring life. This is truly our passion. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients say on our testimonial page.

I want to work with you individually and not through my company. Is that possible?"

Absolutely! Again, everything begins at the individual level. Looking to de-stress your life, find your passion, get a promotion, or gain clarity and focus…we can help. Plus, when your boss, co-workers, family and friends see your shifts, then they’ll be interested to have, ‘what you’re having!’  That’s our best marketing tool!

My team is across the globe, how would this work?"

We have worked with organizations and individuals around the world. We can support on-site trainings anywhere. One on one coaching is typically done by phone. Additional group/team training can be facilitated through Zoom video conferencing. We’re creative so together we will be able to come up with what most effectively serves your organization.

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