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It’s fascinating when we reach out for help. We hire a personal trainer to get our bodies in shape. We go to the doctor when we don’t feel well. We take a mandatory training at the office. We hire an instructor to help us with our golf stroke. But when it comes to our own personal and professional development, we end up on the back burner.

We might feel tired, stuck or uninspired. We might wonder, ‘Is this all there is?’ We might stay in relationships or jobs that no longer serve us. And we wait. We wait for something to happen…day after day…month after month…year after year…and we’re still waiting.  What are we waiting for? Why don’t we make the time or investment in ourselves?

Lesley Picchietti on the beach
Lesley Picchietti, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP (2)

We wait because we think we’ll figure it out. We wait because it’s easier to blame others and outside circumstances for our life. We wait because it’s scary to look at our own ‘stuff.’ So let me ask you, if it’s a year from now and nothing in your life has changed, what will you feel?

What does it mean to work with a coach?  It means you have someone supporting you to gain clarity in what you really want. It means you have someone helping you uncover what’s really getting in your way. It means you have someone to help you create a plan that supports what you want. It means you have someone challenging your fears and doubts that keep getting in the way. It means you have someone lovingly pushing you out of your comfort zone. It means you have someone who will hold you accountable to follow through on taking action.   It means you have someone who is not judging anything about you.

Bottom line, it means you have a partner to walk side by side to allow you to create a life of inspiration, connection, peace, fulfillment, engagement, joy and fun!

Yes! FUN! When was the last time you laughed so hard your face hurt and you nearly tinkled your pants?

When was the last time you gave yourself a break to simply sit? Just curious!

The wait is up! Contact us to learn more!

Lesley Picchietti doing Yoga
Lesley Picchietti enjoying nature
Working with Lesley was one of the best choices I made! She helped guide me to get clear on what I REALLY wanted, see how my values supported that, and WHY certain things were triggering me. Now, I am able to be more accountable - the triggers in my life haven’t changed, but the way I react to them has immensely, and that has made a world of difference.
Inspire Bliss Coaching - Certified Professional Coach - Highland Park IL
Sarah Senan - New Jersey Client

One-On-One Coaching

In person and/or phone sessions help to enable individuals to identify and develop skills, strengths, resources, abilities, and strategies to overcome challenges and create a life they truly love! One-on- one coaching is the most effective way to support individuals to move further and faster towards their dreams.

Group / Team Coaching

In person and/or virtual sessions for a group whose participants have common goals…Working Moms Gutting the Guilt of feeling like they can’t do it all… Friends on a personal growth journey together looking to find greater purpose and passion in their lives… Family members wanting to have a deeper connection and more effective communication… Complete strangers brought together after a workshop for continual learning and growth.

Workshops / Retreats

From 2 hours to several days, personal and professional growth topics include: Embracing ChangeFocusing through ChaosThe Power of Perception7 Levels of EnergyOvercoming OverwhelmLaw of AttractionWho Am Ithe FEAR FactorGut the GuiltTo-Do’s to Ta-Da’sFilling Your Tank: The Power of Putting Yourself First, and more!


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment, which I like to call the Bliss Factor, provides quantitative results on how individuals are energetically ‘showing up’ in their lives.  This powerful tool uncovers what’s tripping you up and getting in the way of creating a life you love. We use this with every one of our clients.  It gives so much personal insight, clients rave about how it helps them understand their reactions, perceptions and behaviors like never before. Change begins with awareness. This is where it begins.


For additional information, please click on the Leadership Development page.


Looking for an hour or two of inspiration? Want to bring engagement, fun and content value to your group? Lunch & Learn’s, men’s/women’s groups, team days, organizations, networking groups, associations, places of worship, etc., have an Inspire Bliss Speaker for your next event.


Topics include Embracing ChangeFocusing through ChaosThe Power of Perception7 Levels of EnergyOvercoming OverwhelmLaw of AttractionWho Am Ithe FEAR FactorGut the GuiltTo-Do’s to Ta-Da’sFilling Your Tank: The Power of Putting Yourself FirstFear to Fine to Fabulous, Mid-Life Crisis to Mid-Life Awakening and more!

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